Search for a house or apply for a mortgage What to do first?

We could start looking for houses near the areas of our preference or request a loan and see how much they lend us.

To make a good decision it is important to determine if the house we are looking for is in line with our financial reality.

For example, it is a mistake to assume that I can buy a house with a value of MX $ 6,000,000, when we still do not know if we can get a mortgage for this amount.

In addition, we must consider that we must pay a down payment directly to the seller, along with other initial expenses to be disbursed.

Another problem that could occur if we start looking for a house “blindly”, is that we would not know if we can sign in time so that they do not win the property. We would have to wait for the credit to be granted and in that time someone else could buy the house.


Is it necessary to have a specific property to apply for a loan?

No. You can not yet be decided by any house or department and start the process of mortgage credit. You can base yourself on an approximate amount, see how much they would lend you and even get to the approval of your credit.

What is the recommendation to start the home buying process?


It is advisable to have a pre-approved or approved mortgage credit , because in this way in case you want to make an offer for the house, you would have the form to check that there is an institution that will grant you the credit to buy it.


What does it mean to have an approved credit?


First it is important to mention that having an approved credit does not imply a commitment, you can use it if you are sure to buy a house, however this does not commit you to anything.

We will send you a letter confirming the offer, where you will see the interest rate granted, term, type of payment, credit amount and everything related to the credit.


What is the advantage of obtaining approval before searching the house?


The letter granted by our company has a validity of 4 months, so even if you do not have real estate, you can start doing it realistically, looking for houses that fit your budget and credit granted.

This is why the ideal order would be: Apply for a mortgage loan , get an approval and once we know what the amount they will lend us, we can look for a house.

However, if you already have a house that interests you, we will help you to approve your credit in a few hours so that you do not lose the opportunity to purchase.

The loan works in my daily life

The loan works for me if I want to do work or review the decoration of my home.

The loan works allows me to do work inside or outside, today through a loan from a loan agency. This loan allows me to achieve the desired development without having to advance the entire sum.

I can subscribe to a work loan for:

  • redo the painting of my home
  • create a kitchen or bathroom
  • have a veranda built

How to finance my work easily and quickly?

At first, I must:

  • Make a point on the budget I want to allocate
  • Make quotes for the desired works
  • Decide if I want to use my savings to finance some of the work
  • Calculate the loan envelope I need

Then I identify my need with a counselor and define:

  • My borrower profile (age, personal and professional situation, income)
  • the amount of my loan
  • the repayment term of the loan
  • the insurance that I want to integrate
  • the documents to provide to my banker (identity card, proof of address, proof of income)

Once my need is defined with the advisor:

  • a commission analyzes and validates or invalidates my file
  • if validated, a contract is published
  • I sign the contract and have the negotiated sum

I can now do the desired jobs quietly. I repay at the same time the monthly payments while taking advantage of my new facilities.

I choose the best loan for my work

What are the peculiarities of this loan ?

Before committing myself, I must know that:

  • Rates offered by some resellers are very heavy so to avoid
  • The work loan does not require a minimum contribution
  • The loan concerns interior work, outdoor work but also decoration
  • Before subscribing to an insurance offered by my banker, I compare

What are the advantages ?

The loan works gives me the opportunity to do the work I want without mobilizing my financial capital. It is flexible and flexible loan to best define my monthly repayment.

If I want to do work for a property that I will soon acquire, I take this opportunity to educate the comparator mortgage real estate to compare the rates that I was offered.

Why use a comparator loan works ?

Borrowing rates are very different from one financial institution to another, using a loan comparator jobs can be an idea on the cost of a loan at a time T but also to compete and incite your future banker to offer you the conditions you are highly advantageous. A comparison of your loan works gives you every chance not to go wrong. For a fast loan on line , it will be enough to fill a form specifying the amount of your loan, the duration and the type of loan which you wish to make, to which it will be necessary to supplement with your different resources. In a few simple steps you will subsequently receive the best offers on the market.